Zbyszko Roko Premium


„There is nothing healthier and tastier than fresh fruit” is what our insight told us – our task in this case was creating a communication platform for Zbyszko Company and its new line of products ROKO PREMIUM – 100% freshly squeezed juices.


How should we educate the consumer about a new line of juices that is tastier and healthier when our competition makes juices from concentrate which they communicate as healthy alternative to soda? Our client receive 3 concepts of a campaign that showed freshly squeezes ROKO PREMIUM juices as being tastier and healthier than the so-called “100 juices” produced from concentrate and communicated by the competition.


We created a communication platform for all products under the ROKO brand and 3 creative concepts including for ROKO PREMIUM:

  • Key Visuals
  • Claims
  • TVC (30’’, 15’’)
  • Scenariusz i storyboardy TVC (30’’, 15’’)
  • Additional supporting activities – digital: including social media events, ambient activities

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